Keeping Them Happy: How to Monitor Member Satisfaction

by Ilya Frolov

You might think your members are happy with your services, but how can you be sure? In this blog, we’ll offer some solutions for monitoring membership satisfaction to keep your members happy and your business flourishing.

Acquiring new members is always harder and more expensive than maintaining existing ones, so it makes sense to make member satisfaction your main priority. Not only does keeping your members happy lead to more renewals, but it also means they are more likely to recommend your organisation to other potential members. The question is, how do you discover how satisfied your members are? 

Log in online

Reading the posts your members leave online can be a very telling way of how satisfied they are with their membership. If you have an online forum that they can comment on, be sure to regularly check in and see what questions and responses are being written. You should also keep an eye on other forums where your members could be posting about your business and view their posts to help you get a wider perspective of how they really feel about their time as a member. 

The same applies on social media. You should frequently monitor and track the activity of your members on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see what they are saying and sharing in relation to your service. If they feel comfortable providing them, you can even ask your members for links to their public social profiles to make monitoring their satisfaction easier.

Just ask!

Carrying out a survey on a regular basis is the simplest solution, but one that can sometimes be overlooked. Getting in touch with your members between two to four times a year will give you direct answers about their satisfaction levels, but make sure to communicate with them in the way they prefer. Try to make surveys short and sweet so members don’t lose interest half way through and don’t see it as an inconvenience. You should ask questions like:

  • How satisfied are you with your membership overall?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?
  • Are you intending to renew your membership when it expires?
  • Is your membership living up to your expectations?

Track their engagement

Members who are more engaged with the service you provide are more likely to be satisfied by what they experience. Keep tabs on how much they interact with your business, focusing on things like:

  • If they open and click on links in the e-newsletters you send them,
    and how often they do it
  • How frequently do they log into their membership account
  • Are they registering for and attending your events
  • Do they engage with other members on social media and in forums
  • What, if any, online purchases do they make

Satisfaction relates to value

Members like to see that their membership is providing value, and that the benefits they receive match up to their overall expectations. It’s up to you to ensure that this is being delivered – you could provide a benefits statement or send regular reminders of the benefits you are offering. Remember that monitoring membership satisfaction on a constant basis is crucial to understanding your performance and keeping your members happy, and it doesn’t have to take up an inordinate amount of time or effort. 

At Infinite Rewards we make it a priority to ensure membership satisfaction by offering the best benefits available to your members and reminding them of the value your service offers. To find out more about what we do, click here.