Consumers Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

by Ilya Frolov

It’s easy to get caught up in the Black Friday funk and Cyber Monday madness, but for retailers, generous offers should be a year-long commitment. In this blog we discuss the benefits of consistent magnanimousness for brick and mortar and ecommerce retailers, and show how they can do it for nothing.

As the holidays approach, retailers tempt customers to loosen their purse strings (figuratively, of course – we use zips and clasps these days) with standout sales events. It’s an effective method for driving sales and engagement that’s proven year after year by huge sales figures and packed shopping centres, but why should generosity be confined to Christmas?

Customers love great offers, something we know from the extraordinary engagement levels advertisers achieve through Infinite Rewards. But we also know they respond to generous rewards all year round. While you may have been preparing your Christmas sales for months to stimulate engagement at a time when consumers are cash-strapped, you might have been missing out on valuable interactions throughout the year.

Sure, it may be tough to beat the sheer numbers of the festive season, they often trump monthly sales by an order of magnitude, but there’s money to be made all year round. The problem often comes down to the cost of promotions: from media buying to project management and creative work, advertising can become a huge capital expense. But it needn’t be…

At Infinite Rewards, we provide Alliance Partners with opportunities to connect with a huge network of engaged consumers at no cost. All retailers have to do to boost footfall and engagement is provide a genuine, exclusive offer to the members of our clients – membership organisations with thousands of subscribers.

It has proven to be an effective method for retailers and service providers alike to boost footfall and ecommerce traffic, and of course, they both often lead to increased revenue. The point is that while offering a one-off sales event may get you a one-off customer in the run-up to Christmas, offers provided throughout the calendar lead to return custom and genuine brand advocates. The message is clear for retailers, if you want to drive year-round results you have to deliver value consistently. 

Through Infinite Rewards, our advertisers (we call them Alliance Partners) benefit from increased exposure, bigger engagement and higher footfall and traffic throughout the year. To find out more about what we can do for your business, click here.