Staying Together: The Love Story of Member Retention

by Ilya Frolov

“When I fall in love, it will be forever…” so croons the sumptuously toned Nat King Cole. Sadly, for most of us the strings don’t accompany the melody so sweetly. Love often happens fleetingly, followed by something close to the opposite before finally disappearing altogether. And it’s the same sad song for membership-based brands.


Membership-based organisations often struggle to recreate the same soaring sensations that led to a long-term relationship forming in the first place, but to their peril. After all, for those more pragmatic than romantic; it’s cheaper to keep a member than to acquire a new one… In this blog we’ll detail a few simple ways to keep it fresh between your organisation and its members so you stay together longer. Who said business and pleasure don’t mix?


The glint in their eyes

There’s a start to everything. Two hands touch, you both blush, the butterflies start and before you know it you’re an item. The secret to any great relationship is making sure you capture the magic of that first beautiful encounter and bring it back again on a regular basis. Sounds simple right? Well of course it isn’t, we’ve already established… love’s not easy.

So what was it that drew your members to your organisation anyway? Remember, they invested in this relationship, but why? Well perhaps it’s because they expected something back that’s, at the very least, equal to what they put in. That’s the thing that was behind the glint in their eyes. Now you just have to work out what it was.


Listening is key

Many a relationship could have been saved from being dashed to pieces on the rocky ground below by some good old-fashioned communication. Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life they’d like you to. So go on, get in there and get talking, you might be surprised what might come back your way.

Be blunt. Ask the question, “what made you love me?” The answer might be obvious, but then again maybe not – it could be the key to keeping them. Go straight to the source and ask how they felt about the last thing you did together. “How would you rate that out of five? What could I have done better?” Listen hard and keep doing the things they love! 


Grow together

The times they are a changin’. And you better be rolling along with them because standing still is the easiest way to get left behind. Take a look at the landscape, what do your members want next? Stay on trend, or better yet, set the trends… but most of all, keep it going in the direction they’re heading or they’ll find someone else who is.

You’re operating in a competitive environment. Your member is very attractive, and there’s no shortage of suitors looking to take them off your hands. Keep an eye on those you’re competing against and try to offer more than them. Grow together and you’ll keep their attention (and all the benefits that brings) for longer.


Give generously and often

No, they’re not just with you for the perks, but they certainly don’t hurt! When you give, give generously. Make it unforgettable. Make sure next time they’re with their friends they say: “you’ll never guess what I got!” And keep them coming… one big gesture isn’t enough. In fact, you might be better served by keeping it little and often.

Every time you do something special, it acts as a reminder that you value them. You’re showing that they mean something to you and that they’re on your mind. It’s the little things that make relationships work, with your members it’s no different. And for goodness sake, it it’s the last thing you do, remember your anniversary.


At Infinite Rewards, we make staying together easier by doing some of the little things your members will love. Our digital benefits platform and program are branded so they’ll never know it wasn’t you, and we take care of everything behind the scenes so you can focus on doing what you do best. If you want to inject a little passion into your memberships, what are you waiting for? Get in touch.