Top 10 Reasons Membership Organisations Need External Benefits

by Ilya Frolov

Membership-based organisations, associations and not-for-profits face common problems. The pain points are a lack of traction for memberships, a lack of incentives for joining, a constant struggle to encourage engagement, and difficulty in retaining members.

There’s no magic “band-aid” solution, no quick fix-all; if your organisation is the problem, the change will need to be fundamental and the onus lies with you. But, if you have your ducks in a row, and are still struggling to see results, an external benefits program might be the answer you didn’t know you were looking for.

In this blog we explore 10 reasons membership organisations need external benefits.


1)    Incentivise membership

It’s the most apparent organisational benefit, and possibly the most important. Memberships are only attractive if they provide value; with an external benefits program, you give prospective members a great reason to consider a committed relationship with your organisation.


 2)    Grow member numbers

With more reasons to join, you’ll naturally experience increased interest in memberships. It means greater revenue for your organisation to do the things it does best, and with more resources at your disposal, you can make your member experience even better.


3)    Diversify your audience

With a far-reaching benefits program you open up your organisation to be enjoyed by a wider range of demographics. It’s about increasing your appeal; there’s no need to change what you do when you can connect your members with other brands.


 4)    Improve brand perception

 As your brand becomes associated with a broader range of rewards and benefits, member perception of your brand inevitably improves. Rather than simply appreciating your brand for its core offering, they associate it with value in a larger part of their lives.


5)    Achieve better retention

Getting members is one thing, keeping them is another. External benefits programs make it easier to create sustainable relationships with members. By leveraging wider-reaching impact in your members’ lives, you get one step closer to the holy grail: lifetime members.


6)    Garner deeper intelligence

You can only work with what you know, but how much do you know about your members? An external benefits program makes it possible to learn more about your members by creating a database of their interests through the engagement they have with rewards.


 7)    Focus on your core offering

Because an external benefits program is managed by others, you retain the resources and focus to improve your core offering. There are no complications and major capital projects, just a simplified operational expense offset by increased membership numbers.


 8)    Deliver more for partners

 Drive custom to your partners by providing offers and discounts to members. You can integrate offers from your own organisation’s sponsors and partners to help them achieve better business results. In the process, you make sponsoring your organisation more desirable.


9)    Boost brand engagement

With newsletters and push notifications a part of the Infinite Rewards external benefits program, organisations can grab more headspace. Rather than infrequent and mostly circumstantial interactions with your brand, you open up channels of regular communication.


10) Keep members happy

It’s the little things that make people happy. Whether it’s a few dollars off dinner or a big saving on a holiday, discounts and offers are impactful in the lives of your members. An external rewards program means your organisation positively influences the lives of your members.


At Infinite Rewards, we offer a fully managed external benefits platform and program that delivers for organisations. And, because it’s a white-label solution, your brand receives the plaudits. We work with associations, charities and not-for-profits as well as corporate clients to incentivise membership, boost engagement and improve retention.