With rewards, now trumps later

by Ilya Frolov

In this blog were talking about the difference between points-based and instant rewards systems and you should be in no doubt which side of the fence were on. For us, its simple: waiting should never be part of the experience. But theres more to it than that...

Engagement should never be limited

When your members want to interact with your brand, it’s best not to put barriers in the way. Digital platforms mean your benefits program can be open 24/7, so why limit its utility by forcing members to collect points?


Points-based systems cost you more

There are a host of expensive infrastructural changes you need to make to implement points-based systems. As well as implementing card POS systems, you need to train staff, produce cards, and mail members. Its not cheap.


Users get frustrated by points

There are complications and inconveniences when using a points-based system that confuse and annoy users. As well as proving easy to forget, points systems frustrate users by providing a delayed benefit. Whats there to like?


Points feel insubstantial next to costs

Members dislike the connection between spending and points. Returns often feel largely disproportionate, and as a result, less valuable. Your rewards program should feel like a gift, not a short-changing rebate.


Instant gratification is highly valued

Being able to receive rewards when you need them, rather than following a laborious collection process, means members get more from their benefits more often. We’ve found that members appreciate that.


Positive association happens at redemption

Whether you go with a passive collection process (like accumulated time / visits) or one linked to member spending, positive brand association is restricted to the point of redemption. If you make members wait, the benefits are diminished.


All members should be equally valued

Premium memberships are an investment. Members should be able to benefit from membership as soon as possible to hammer home the value of being part of your club. Points-based systems are weighted towards exclusively rewarding long-standing members, instant rewards benefit all.


Infinite Rewards provides a great range of benefits and discounts to all members, and it can be accessed right from the off. Theres no long-winded point collection, and benefits start flowing the moment members choose to engage. For membership-based organisations, the end product is happier members and less complications; we think thats a fantastic result.