Five Tips for Easier Membership Retention

by Ilya Frolov

Getting members is one challenge, keeping them is another. In this blog we’ll detail five simple strategies to help you retain existing members.

Membership-based organisations need to deliver value – if they can do that, as well as demonstrating that value, membership renewals are the inevitable result. These five tips are a great platform to building a simple, effective retention strategy primed to deliver results.


1. Make sure the first year is golden

First impressions are extremely important, and if your organisation makes the right one, you could be on the road to the holy grail of lifetime memberships. Focus on delivering an unforgettable experience in the first year of membership to get more long-term traction. How exactly can you do that? Well that’s where tips number two, three, four and five come in.


2. Reach members through their preferred channels

Whether it’s social media, email, phone calls, letters or text messages, the way you communicate with your members should suit their personal preference. It’s easy to find out, just ask. And then remember to follow up by prioritising that method of contact. There are great CRM solutions to make that process easy, and the benefits include better engagement and increased satisfaction.


3. Personalise communication to the member’s profile

You’ll have data on your member demographics, and each engagement should generate a better picture of their personal tastes and behaviours. Tailor each communication to what you know about your members for better results. From individual uptake of specific offers, to typical responses from set demographics – use every weapon in your arsenal to optimise engagement.


4. Keep members engaged with rewarding offers

Not much can beat the satisfaction of a great deal. Your members will love receiving rewards and offers that are both exclusive to them and that have discernible value. From money off your own services or products, to lifestyle-based rewards from partner companies, you should try to provide offers that have wide-reaching impact. We can help with that


5. Warn members when their membership is running out

Be proactive and you’ll help your members to do the same. When your beautiful relationship is coming to an end, let members know so they have the opportunity to renew. Make it easy to do so, with as few steps as possible, and you’ll be surprised how much better your membership retention rates become in a short period of time.


We provide a rewards platform for membership-based organisations, giving their members access to offers from hundreds of household name brands. To find out more about how we can improve membership retention and acquisition, get in touch with our team.